inspiration library

Welcome to my little library of favourite things! I'll be adding all sorts of positively psyched resources here, so do stop by whenever you need a reboot and a recharge.



Liz Gilbert manages to set my soul on fire in the most level-headed of ways. A must-read for anyone who wants to live with less fear and more fire in the belly. 

Cellular biologist, Dr Bruce Lipton give ground-breaking evidence on the power of our thoughts to affect our genes, and therefore our reality.

Both hard-nosed researcher and heart-full storyteller, Dr Brene Brown show us how to fully embrace our authentic selves, warts and all.

Positive psychologist, Shawn Achor, shows us that it is not success that leads to happiness, but happiness that leads to success.

Brene Brown's seminal work on the power of vulnerability. Scroll down to watch her TED talks on how 10 years of research brought her to these unexpected findings.

A Fortune 500 executive turned happiness researcher gives practical advice on how to live with more balance and pleasure amidst all the madness.


'Magic Lessons' podcast

I've been bingeing on these lately and getting such a soul-high from them! Liz Gilbert's heart is as big as her words are wise as she chats with fellow creatives, aspiring and inspiring, on how to get unstuck and on-track. Get your hands on her book Big Magic, the work that inspired these gorgeous conversations.


Turns out NPR has some top-notch podcasts, and here's one of them. Interweaving storytelling with scientific research, 'Invisibilia' explores how invisible forces like ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions control human behaviour. 

headspace meditation app

Even the "yoga's-too-slow-and-meditation's -too-woowoo" of my friends love this app. Already a global phenomenon, this app beautifully integrates the soulful and the scientific with short, sweet and very practical guided meditations. Their 'Take 10' program is free, and you can subscribe to unlock more themed programs.


Like the positive psychology exercise where you write your own eulogy, this podcast is a powerful way of sobering up to what really matters in life. Chastening, heart-warming, life-affirming. 


If, like me, you're a bit of a geek and love the science behind gratitude, mindfulness and all that happy jazz, then this one's for you. Live Happy interviews top authors, researchers and gurus in the field of positive psychology to bring you science-driven tips and ideas on how to live a happier, more meaningful life.


If you're looking for your daily dose of TED but don't have the time to sit and watch a video, then here's your solution. Let your brain be titillated by some of TED's most inspiring speakers as you cook, clean, drive, or workout. 


super soul short films

"Stories that will rejuvenate your spirit and change the way you see the world". Treat yourself to some life-affirming visual poetry with these gorgeous short films, just a few minutes each. 

super soul sessions

Oprah meets TED in this awesome series of talks featuring some of my favourite (s)heros, including Liz Gilbert, Dr Brene Brown, soul-mama Iyanla Vanzant and positive psychologist Shawn Achor


These guys make fun, creative, feel-good videos that are sure to give you a hug and a giggle. Some favourites playlists include The Science of Happiness and Upliftment Needed.


One of my favourite Liz Gilbert interviews on perfectionism, authenticity, and why it's NOT about being fearless.

"I'm a fifth-generation Texan. Our family motto is 'Lock and load.' I am not a natural vulnerability researcher." And yet, scientist and storyteller Brene Brown has, albeit reluctantly, come to the firm conclusion that "vulnerability is the most accurate measure of courage, the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change." Love watching this woman talk.

Another awesome TED talk by Brene Brown with her signature blend of humour and humanity.

Prepare to have your heart wrung and your mind blown by this beauitful woman.

Here's a simple technique that worked wonders for some of my clients: power posing. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how it literally changes our brain chemistry to enable less stress and more success.