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You're ready for big, BOLD, beautiful change, but LIFE KEEPS GETTING IN THE WAY.

You get fired up one day, but off track the next.

You don't have the time or strategies to make it happen.

OR, you know exactly what needs to happen, but you can't seem to muster up the mojo and motivation to see it through.

And, deep down, you suspect what's really standing between you and your bliss, is YOU.



Your very own coach, cheerleader and accountability partner. Accessible whenever, wherever. 

Together we'll map out a plan, break through the blocks, celebrate your wins, and jumpstart your joy. ON THE GO.

why mobile coaching?

positively psyched mobile coaching.jpg
positively psyched mobile coaching.jpg

what will i get?

positively psyched mobile coaching
positively psyched mobile coaching
positively psyched mobile coaching

CHOOSE a coaching program THAT MOVES YOU

(or WE'll CREATE one just for you!)




I've spent the last 6 years working as a coach and therapist, supporting individuals like you achieve beautiful breakthroughs in life, love and self-belief. Word got around, and in 2014, Conde Naste Traveller named me one of their Top Therapists of the Year

Academically, I hold an MA from Oxford University, and Diplomas in the fields of Positive Psychology, Coaching Psychology, and Energy Psychology. 

Accolades aside though, it's who I am a person, and who WE are as a team, that really matters. You should know that I'm a total geek when it comes to figuring out matters of the heart and mind. I am an obsessive hoarder of life's truths and inspirations. I LIVE for lightbulb moments and soul-shifts. And I believe YOU are the answer to your own question.

I will be your loving, faithful, ever-curious companion, gently guiding you back to YOUR inner knowing. My life mission is to help you become the most authentic, ignited and powerful version of yourself.

how do i know if mobile coaching is right for me?

It's really important to me that my coachees gain incredible value from our time together. Which is why I must be upfront about who this is (and isn't) right for. 

I WILL be challenging you. I WILL be holding you accountable. As convenient as mobile coaching is, you need to be willing to put time and energy into implementing the exercises, actions and strategies I give you.

If the idea of digging deep and 'doing the work' excites you, FABULOUS, we'll make a great team. If it feels like a drag, then we're probably not the best match. 

I'm in! but...what if i change my mind?

As proud as I am of this service, I get that not everything is for everyone. Which is why I offer a risk-free money-back guarantee after your first week of coaching. As long as you can put your hand on your heart and say you did the work and gave it your best shot, if it ain't for you, I will completely respect and honour that.

So give it a go, love, you literally have nothing to lose, and potentially everything to gain!


Think of each of these programs as doorways, starting points. Ultimately, our coaching journey will be customised to whatever YOU need. We may end up weaving our way in and out of all these programs! So just go with what resonates the most right now, OR head straight to our customised option.

how long (and how much) will my program be? 

This really depends on how far you want to go, how many blocks you need to clear, and how committed you are to the process. You may experience that quantum shift you need in just a month. You may want to dip in and out. You may want me with you ALL the way. Which is why I offer maximum flexibility with my coaching plans. You can always start with the 1-month plan and see how it goes:

*charged monthly via auto-pay


We'll be using Whatsapp to send each other text, audio and video messages on our phones and computers. Whatsapp is a completely free app (as long as you haven't exceeded your data limit / are connected to a free Wi-Fi network), and can be used on iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Nokia Symbian60-phones. I recommend you also download the app on to your computer, which will sync automatically with your phone.


Our coaching relationship is of course bound by strict ethics of confidentiality. Plus, Whatsapp uses End-to-End Encryption, which means nobody, not even the powers that be, can access our conversations. 

Beyond the duration of our coaching program, we will of course respect each others' privacy and NOT use Whatsapp (and our numbers) to communicate. 

how often will we communicate?

Within reason, as often as you need! I'll sometimes respond immediately, sometimes within a few waking, weekday hours (Hawaii time).

what if i get really busy or need a break? 

You can suspend the service for up to 2 weeks, once with the 3-month plan, and twice with the 6-month plan. If (for some special reason) I need a bit of time off, I'll credit you that time for free.

let's do this! how do we start?

Hurrah! Just click here, complete payment, and you'll get an email with my number, some technical tips, and a welcome video. I'll be asking you 3 questions to get this bliss ball rolling. Whatsapp me your response and away we go!



more questions? Just email me!