How to live a more Powerful Life (Pussyhat Style)

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"Between stimulus and response there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom." 


Gosh, it's been way too long... more on why later.

But first, can we please talk about the incredible energy that's been rippling out from the Women's March? I've been scrolling through my social media feeds in teary awe of these beautiful, bold, POWERFUL women (and the wonderful men that support them):

Powerful in how they've quietly knitted up a revolution.

Powerful in how they're reclaiming their 'shame', and wearing it proudly on their heads.

Powerful in their embodiment of the idea that we can ALL be soft and strong; tender and fierce, pink and potent. 

Powerful in their choice to simply say, "NO. That's not OK."

knit up a revolution
shame on head

That Victor Frankl quote has been looping in my head recently, the notion that our power lies in that teeny-tiny space between what happens to us, and how we choose to respond to it. So often we forget that space even exists. We assume. We default. We relinquish the many choices that we think we don't have. 

It doesn't mean that every choice we make will be a bold and defiant one. Indeed, softening is sometimes the most empowered thing we can do. But by claiming that space between stimulus and response, by choosing consciously, we are better able to act from a place of wholeness rather than fear.

Which brings me to this gift I've made for you... 

What I honestly thought would be a fun weekend project turned into a 2-month, 45-page, all-consuming endeavour! And while I'm not thrilled about going MIA for so long, I AM proud of what's come of it.

Based on my site's 'Power Reading', this workbook is PACKED with juicy reflections, meditations and actions to help you stand in you power, every day. 

I'm also giving you a free download of the full deck of Power Cards! Print and play whenever you need some courage, calm or clarity.

power cards

The workbook will walk you through the steps, but feel free to get creative. You could, say, use the cards and workbook as a way of bonding with your kids, partner or team. One of my besties is actually planning a Chinese New Year gathering with a few friends to go through the workbook together - love it!

And because we're #strongertogether, I've created a private 'Power Buddies' Facebook group where we can share, support and celebrate each other's little wins and breakthroughs. EveryMonday, I'll be sharing my card of the week with the group, and invite you to do the same whenever you're up for it. Click now to join me!

Here's to a pink and powerful 2017...

Much love,
C x