Start where you are

start where you are

Hi. My name is Christina, and I'm a recovering perfectionist.

That's why, although I've had the keys to this digi-home for a while, I haven't invited anyone in yet. I've been running frantically from one room to the next, tinkering with this, fiddling with that, leaving them all in a state of perpetual unfinished-ness. 

I have ideas of big dinner parties I want to throw, cozy movie nights and pretty garden soirees, but if I keep waiting to find my dream couch or the perfect shade of wallpaper, waiting until I can afford that new stove or interior designer, then I will never. make. any. friends. 

Which is very silly, and very sad. 

And so, I have given my inner perfectionist some chamomile tea and a chill pill, and decided that, for now, all I need is a couple of Ikea chairs, a kettle to make some tea, two mugs and some cookies. Maybe a nice photo on the wall. That's all I need to make my first friend, have my first conversation. 

And so, if you are one of my first guests (gulp) COME ON IN!! Please excuse the lack of furniture and the patchy DIY. I have grand plans for my digi-home but in the meantime, I'd like to get this conversation started.

Because communities begin with conversations, and some conversations begin with cookies (here's something I made for you the other day, it's quite sweet and quite healthy, hope you likey...)! =P

Power quote start where you are.jpg

If you're up for being buddies, leave me a comment below! What are you working on these days? What passion project are you hatching? Let me know and I promise I'll check it out! 

OK, thanks for stopping by, and PLEASE come back again, any time. I'll aways have cookies for you. C x